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The Role-Playing leauge was a organization dedicated to the organization of Role-Play in a casual, fun fashion. The R.P.L presided over the community after the collapse of the Iron Cross, and can be considered the second community organization to have existed. It "official" existence spanned from 11-08-2011 to 03-07-2012, though its unoffically was created much earlier. This era can be called the of othe "Old Guard", or "Old Regime", where vetran Role-Players and newer Role-Players existed side by side in large amounts, with a community that was growing fast. The histories of these times were filled with much strife however, and ended in what some say to be the first "Drama war", of the community, or the "Role-Playing Revolution of freedom".


The R.P.L can be called a rather aristocratic, informal elite organization at the top. Power was centralized in the hands of "SHIP", a Role-Players game alliance in coordination with other vetran Role-Players. In its most official organization, the R.P.L consisted of a "Leader", who was FallenLeaves during his reign, and "Generals", who were mostly SHIP members and the like.

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